Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Well the last several days have been difficult to imagine. 

Since Friday when Esquire Magazine posted an on-line article about my struggle with breast cancer my Facebook activity has been overwhelming. 

For the past seven (7) years, I have looked without much success for support groups and organizations through which I could make sense of my experience with this disease.  I wished only to find a support group in which I could relate my experiences to others who understand the issues associated with breast cancer and in particular with respect to male breast cancer.

With the advent of the Esquire publication I have now been contacted by numerous individuals and organizations:

Nicki Boscia Durlester, author of the book "Beyond the Pink Moon" and moderator of the informative site

Lisa Marie Guzzardi, co-moderator of the informative site "Protecting BEFORE Breast Cancer"

Alan Blassberg, Producer

I am overwhelmed with the support I am getting and am so encouraged to move forward with my plans to become an integral link in the support structure for men dealing with breast cancer and other forms of cancers common to men.  I will be working with Nicki, Lisa and Alan this coming week to develop my strategies and to help each of them in any way I can.

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